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Relocating to the UK and need help with finding a home and schools?

We are an independent relocation company covering London and the South East of England, offering tailor made, flexible relocation packages including home search, school search and settling in services. Our different levels of relocation support range from our unique DIY R.E.L.O.C.A.T.E in 8 program, to online supported relocations to fully managed relocations.

Relocating to London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire or Kent?

The Partners, Fiona and Julie, are personally involved in every relocation and have moved individuals and families all over London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Our personal experience relocating overseas, not to mention several times within the UK, means that we truly understand the unique concerns of people on the move.

Relocation is time-consuming and can be stressful

Dovetail’s service philosophy is based on client understanding, property market knowledge, schools’ expertise and the guarantee to save you stress, time and money.

We take time to understand every client’s professional and lifestyle needs, which guide the entire search process. Our benchmark is a happy, successful move for the whole family for the duration of your stay.

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How do relocation services work?

A relocation service is the process of moving employees, their families and their belongings to a new location. At Dovetail, our team fully understands how overwhelming a relocation can be, which is why we provide relocation support services that cover all aspects of the relocating process, to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your family.

By engaging our team, not only will you find your perfect property in London or the South East of England, but you will also be provided with all the support needed to help you comfortably settle in to your new area.

Will a company pay for relocation?

Whether or not your company will fund your relocation is dependent on your employer. The employer is not obliged to pay for the expenses of relocating employees, however in most cases the company will pay at least a portion of the relocation costs, and in some cases the full amount will be funded by your employer. Relocation costs are usually covered to ensure that employees are not out of pocket when asked to take up a position overseas.  Companies often pay for the home search and school search if children are involved in the move as these are essential elements of a relocation, however, they might not stretch the budget to cover settling-in services.

Do you get taxed on relocation packages?

The expenses for relocation services are not tax-deductible. However, some employers may offer tax assistance or lump sum packages to help pay for the tax expenses of your relocation package costs.

Education Consultancy and School Search

Are you moving to the UK with children and worried about getting places at top schools?

Let Dovetail help you navigate the unique Admissions process for each type of UK schools: International schools, American schools, Bi-lingual schools, British Independent private schools and British state schools.

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Home Search – Rental

Are you moving to the UK for work and need to find a great home in time for your arrival?

Let Dovetail help you secure your ideal property in a good area negotiating the best possible rental terms for your tenancy agreement.

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Home Search – Purchase

Looking to Purchase a Home in the UK and don’t understand the purchase process?

We can access off-market properties to secure your dream home. Let Dovetail undertake your home search, price negotiation and manage the entire purchase process from search to completion.

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Settling-In Services

Worried about how much you need to organise once you arrive?

Let us arrange Wi-fi, banks, phones, doctors, dentists, sports clubs, household shopping and social activities so you don’t have to waste time researching everything once you arrive.

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