Area Orientation

If you are considering a move overseas but wish to get a feel for your potential new home before making a final decision, then our Area Orientation service is perfect for you. The dedicated Dovetail team can arrange for you to complete an orientation visit, (also known as a reccie or preview visit) so that you can experience the new areas that you may soon be calling home.

Give your family a taste of the next chapter

Dovetail’s orientation visits are specially designed so that you and your family can envisage themselves in the UK, to help you get the whole family on board with the idea of an overseas relocation.

Furthermore, our Area Orientation service allows you to view the different possible areas available to you, alongside the average price of properties within these locations. This process will help you identify the types of property that reflect your budget, and provides an opportunity for you to select an area where your family will feel most at home so that you can all settle in as quickly as possible.

Identify the perfect location with an orientation day

A key part of Dovetail’s Area Orientation service is our highly useful orientation days. An initial telephone interview helps us understand the type of area and property that you and your family are hoping for, relative to the practical parameters of your place of work and potential schools if relocating with children. We will then arrange your orientation day, allowing you to experience potential new areas at first hand before committing to a firm choice.

Orientation days are particularly useful in London, where different London boroughs and postcodes have a very different vibe. Additionally, these days are also useful in the home counties like Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire, as there are various villages and towns that offer varying lifestyles.

Depending on your time constraints, orientation days can last for anywhere between a half day and a full day.

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The Area Orientation process

At Dovetail, we understand that relocating can sometimes be a time-consuming and stressful process, which is why we have made our Area Orientation service as simple as possible.

Initially, you will complete an efficient yet in-depth telephone interview with a friendly and knowledgeable member of the Dovetail team. This allows us to understand important information about your move such as:

  • Your place of work
  • Acceptable commuting times
  • Schools you are considering (if moving with children)
  • The kind of area and lifestyle that you desire

Following the telephone interview, our team will compile a report of all the details that were discussed and send this report back to you to ensure that we are both on the same wavelength.

Once your key requirements have been confirmed, we will proceed to complete a home search form so that we can identify the properties and areas that are most suited to you, before recommending up to 6 potential areas for you to relocate to.

After you have reviewed the 6 areas that have been proposed, we will complete another phone call with you to shortlist your preferred three. When the final three locations have been agreed upon, we can then plan and schedule your orientation day which includes a sample of properties in each area which correspond to your budget and home requirements.

However, if you do not have the available time to complete an orientation visit to the 3 shortlisted areas, we can skip straight to a home search and school search if applicable instead. Dovetail will do everything possible to tailor our service to your requirements.

What happens during an orientation day?

Prior to your arrival in the UK, we will agree an itinerary with you to ensure that all the important bases are covered on your visit.

On the day, your dedicated relocation expert will pick you up (and your family if they have accompanied you) in a suitable vehicle from your hotel, or from your place of work if preferred. Upon greeting you, your relocation expert will hand you your schedule for the day, property details and local information.

We will stay with you all day and spend longer in areas which you like the look of. Afterall, the day is completely flexible and geared around your interests!

Usually, the day will consist of driving around the different areas to get a feel for local amenities and the atmosphere. Using our unrivalled local knowledge of schools, shops, residential roads and local amenities like sports centres, parks, pubs, restaurants and public transport, we will be able to provide you with informative advice based on our local knowledge throughout the orientation day.

On top of this, you will also visit a few properties that match your home search brief to get a feel for the availability and price of homes in your chosen areas.

At the end of the day, we will discuss with you the relative benefits of each area, and agree one or two ahead of the next stage of your home search. You will then be dropped back at your hotel or place of work at a time to suit you, and we will get in touch with you via phone or email to discuss the next steps.

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Area Orientation