Education Consultancy – School Search

Work with Dovetail to be sure of places at the best private schools in London and the UK.

For families relocating with children, Dovetail understands that the school search is often the first priority and we believe that our clients should be informed on every education option available to them, including International schools, American schools, Bi-lingual schools, British Independent (private) schools and British State (government funded) schools.

Let Dovetail help you navigate the unique Admissions process of UK schools

Once you have decided which system is best for your child, we examine each child’s individual needs and recommend appropriate schools. We then work closely with you and the Admissions teams to secure the best match for each child, viewing the schools with you if required and guiding you through each step of the application process through to acceptance of a school place.

A range of services to help you find the best school place for your child

Our range of school search services below offer you a flexible service depending on how much of the school search process you want to manage yourself. Either use our proven 8-step process to undertake your school search yourself, let us support you remotely through the whole process or let us manage your school search completely.

Discover the best way to navigate the Admissions process of top London and UK schools below or Contact Us now.

R.E.L.O.C.A.T.E in 8

from £97*

Dovetail’s unique 8-step proven program to relocate successfully to London and UK.

Education (Coming Soon)

  • How to find and apply to the best schools in London and the UK

Education and School Search: Supported

from £997*

2 Skype calls (as long as necessary) to provide overview of UK education options, in depth discussion of your child and detailed research to produce recommended schools long list and information pack on agreed shortlist for each child:

Skype Call 1

  • Overview of UK education system – private/independent and state schools:
    Primary, Secondary, Pre-Prep, Preparatory, Grammar
  • Key UK education system testing cycles – independent and state
  • Overview of International, American, Bi-lingual Schools in London and UK
  • Overview of Admissions Process – UK and International schools
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) support in the UK
  • A review of your children’s educational history, future needs and extra-curricular interests.

Research Phase 1

  • Long List of recommended schools/nurseries by area or London postcode(s)
  • Links to school reports: Government Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education) and ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) reports

Skype Call 2

  • Review and discussion of Long List
  • Agree shortlist of schools

Research Phase 2

  • Shortlist of recommended schools/nurseries for each child
  • Provision of government and independent reports on each school
  • Registration fees and school fees information
  • Information on registration deadlines/waitlists/place availability
  • Admissions staff contact details
  • Admissions deadlines and registration forms/procedure

Education and School Search: Managed

from £1,997*

Unlimited Skype calls to include everything in Supported Service Plus

+ full management of school visits, registration, applications and acceptance of places.

  • All in supported service plus:
  • School visit/appointments with Admissions scheduled with up to 6 schools
  • The arrangement of chauffeur driven transport if required** (recommended in London)
  • Registration forms completed and submitted x 6 schools for each child
  • Registration fees payment processing and receipts
  • Completion of application forms for each child
  • Follow up on applications
  • Confirmation and Acceptance of school place offers

Education and School Search:
Fully managed and Accompanied

from £2,997*

  • Everything in 2 and 3 above plus:
  • Fully accompanied school visits and transport organisation** (qualified, experienced chauffeur)
  • Follow-up discussions re school visits
  • Unlimited Skype calls

*Please note all fees are subject to UK VAT at 20%.

** Dovetail works with a reputable chauffeur company: costs are quoted at the time of request

Education Consultancy – School Search