Departure Services

Whether you move overseas for just a few months, or have lived abroad for several years, there is always a large amount of bureaucracy and admin that will eventually need to be tied up once your assignment comes to an end.

So, to help you ensure that every point on your leaving “to do” list has been ticked off, Dovetail is able to offer our leading Departure Services designed to save you time and money.

What is included in our Departure Services?

Departure Services are also often referred to as Repatriation Services or Checkout Services and play a key part in preparing for vacating your property when it is time to return home or move to another new country.

You may be surprised by the amount of bureaucracy that is involved with permanently leaving a country, especially when you have only been living there for a temporary period. However, don’t panic, because Dovetail can provide you with all the support needed to ensure that this transitional spell unfolds as smoothly as possible.

Some of the main concerns that our clients share, involve vacating their rental home and the lengthy process of negotiating a deposit return, but there are a wide range of additional factors that must also be considered at the end of your assignment, such as:

  • Providing your landlord with a suitable notice period (usually up to 3 months depending on your tenancy agreement).
  • Arranging for the removal and shipping of all your belongings before the end of the tenancy.
  • Arranging for an end of tenancy professional clean of the property and outside areas.
  • Making sure you have a representative present at the tenancy check out.
  • Notifying the utility companies of your move date and change of address (so you are not charged beyond the tenancy end date and can have the outstanding bills sent on).
  • Advising the council of your move date (so you avoid paying too much council tax).
  • Terminating your phone, broadband and mobile phone contracts.
  • You may need to sell a car or return a lease car and terminate resident parking permits.
  • Cancelling your home insurance premiums (ensure that they run up to and including the tenancy end date).
  • Notifying newspaper deliveries, regular milk or grocery shopping delivery companies.
  • Re-directing your mail.
  • Notifying your estate agent and landlord of your change of address.

At Dovetail our dedicated relocation team can help you handle all aspects of your departure, providing you with peace of mind as you plan to return home or move on to pastures new.

Leave all your departure-related worries to Dovetail

Most of the clients that we help at Dovetail are so busy saying their goodbyes and preparing for their upcoming move, that the tasks involved with leaving can be a real headache. However, by contacting Dovetail you can receive the support needed to help you during this busy time.

One of our relocation specialists will meet with you to review your tenancy agreement, to ensure that you comply with all the clauses relating to giving notice on your rental property.

Following this, Dovetail will ensure that the landlord or managing estate agent is given notice that you wish to terminate your tenancy agreement within the required time period.

Additionally, Dovetail can also take care of any paperwork involved with your move and notify everyone who needs to be informed. This list is extensive, but usually includes utility providers, insurance companies, the local authority or council, mail re-direction, phone and broadband companies.

Once you have vacated your property Dovetail can arrange for a full, professional end of tenancy clean of your former home. This service also includes the disposal of any unwanted household goods, as your rental property should be returned in the exact condition as it was at the start of the tenancy. Don’t forget that gardens, garages and outside areas are also included on the lease.

Finally, the agent or landlord will set a date for the checkout where the property and its contents are inspected against the inventory or schedule of condition document. Any discrepancies can result in deductions from your deposit, so it is advisable to have a representative from Dovetail to attend the checkout.

Once dilapidations have been assessed, Dovetail can then negotiate the prompt return of your deposit which the managing estate agent can only release once both parties have agreed.

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Departure Services