Furniture Rental Packages from Dovetail

When planning what to ship to the UK, one of the biggest decisions is whether to bring your household furniture. Many expats rent out their own homes when moving to the UK in which case you will leave your furniture behind. Or perhaps you just want to leave your furniture in place for home visits.

Whatever the reason, at Dovetail we can provide you with a furniture rental solution to quickly make your new property feel like home.

Why you might need to rent furniture

If you are thinking of shipping your furniture, it is important to be aware that most homes are rented unfurnished in the UK. This is because most Brits will have accumulated their furniture requirements from their early renting days and want to set up home with their own personal items of furniture. Although furnished or part-furnished properties are available, these are rare, and furnishings may not be to your taste.

Often, the furniture is simply too big for your new home as many clients move from larger properties in their home countries to smaller properties in the UK; this is particularly true if moving to London. This is where furniture rental is a good solution.

Sometimes there is a delay between moving into your new UK home and the shipment arriving and clients just need to rent furniture for a short period before their furniture shipment arrives.

Furniture Rental in London and beyond

Whether it’s a temporary or long-term solution, Dovetail works with all the leading furniture rental providers rather than being tied to a preferred supplier. This means that you have a choice of furniture styles at different budget levels. Furniture rental items include:

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Dining furniture
  • Home office furniture
  • Kitchen equipment
  • White goods (fridges, freezers)
  • Electronics (TVs, home entertainment, phones)
  • Bedding and Towels
  • Garden furniture

A brief guide to how our furniture rental service works

Firstly, we develop a brief based on your furniture rental requirements and how long you need the furniture for. Following this, our dedicated team will propose different styles of furniture at varying budgets.

After we have sourced accurate furniture quotes from the furniture suppliers, you will be able to choose your desired furniture items and style.

In addition to this, your relocation advisor will arrange all the paperwork to ensure that the furniture is in place in time for your arrival in the UK, and if needed, we can provide access to your property before you arrive so that everything is ready for your arrival.

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