Enjoy – How to enjoy your relocation from the moment you arrive

  1. Relax! You’ve done the hard part and just arriving in the UK has taken weeks if not months of planning so pause for breath while you take in your new surroundings.
  2. Telephone and Wi-fi.  Expats like to feel connected from the moment they arrive. However, it can be difficult to have working Wi-fi on arrival. Telephone and Broadband accounts need to be set up by the account holder directly. There is always a delay between the phone line being connected and the Broadband going live. Sometimes an engineer may need to install it. If you have a UK bank account before you arrive, you will be able to co-ordinate connection for your arrival. Uswitch.com provides an overview of different providers.
  3. Health. Do make the time in your first week to locate a local Doctor (GP) and try to register with a medical practice or centre which has a range of Doctors with different expertise. Medical treatment is free with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS, but you will need to prove your residency with your tenancy agreement when you register and undergo a routine health check with the practice nurse before you can be seen by a Doctor. Don’t wait until you are sick to do this!
  4. Local friendships. Introduce yourself to neighbours, colleagues and other parents at school. We Brits can seem distant initially, but you’ll soon break through if you make an effort! Accept every invite in the first 6 months even if you are busy or tired. Invitations should also be reciprocated in due course to build local friendships.
  5. Expat Clubs. These can be life savers in the first few weeks and some will even assign you a “buddy” for your arrival like an expat guardian angel! Try to connect with these expat groups before you arrive so that there is someone you can call on who knows exactly what you are experiencing!
  6. Visitors. Do not under any circumstances allow visits during your first few months! It will be a distraction and will delay your integration in your new community. It sounds draconian but stay firm. When you move to the UK, everyone will want to stay. This will not help you settle!
  7. Days/evenings out. Even while you still have a mountain of things to sort out, plan nice days out at weekends (and when you are waiting for jobs or school to start), to explore your new surroundings. There is so much to do in London and the South East of England – you can even drive to the seaside in under 2 hours! This will make your expat experience so much more fulfilling.
  8. Expat Cultural and Life Coaching. A fresh start in a new country can be the time to re-evaluate your lifestyle, goals or take up a new hobby you always dreamed about. Katherine Barton is a wonderful expatriate coach who has years of experience helping expats with cultural transition. See the Barton Insights link on our Helpful Links page.

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