Dovetail Solution to Relocating in a Downturn

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Dovetail Launches “Relo-Lite” Online Relocation Service

With an economic downturn and budgets for relocation services cut to the bare minimum, executives are nonetheless still being relocated. For companies, that means delivering more with less. We at Dovetail would like to help.

We have recently launched a web and e-mail based relocation support service designed to provide HR and individuals with all the information an executive will need on schools, estate agents, and property sourcing but without the time on the ground with a relocation consultant. Think of it as ‘Relo-Lite’: the essential services without all the costly extras.

In this new service, we will still provide our core services which include a school and real estate search tailored to each individual’s requirements. But we are now able to offer this at 50% cost reduction since without the need to put consultants on the ground with the client, money can be saved by your organization.

Executives and their families will still have a dedicated desk-based consultant who can organise all the school visits and property viewings—and answer questions you don’t have the time to research, especially from the accompanying spouse—but this service will be significantly less expensive than a consultant on the ground accompanying them on appointments.

Do email us at for more information on how we can help save you money but still deliver a successful relocation.

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Dovetail Solution to Relocating in a Downturn