Dovetail Relocation launches new UK relocation services

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Dovetail is delighted to announce a new range of relocation services including online relocation support for those relocating to London and the UK on a budget. Recognising that not everyone’s relocation package extends to hands on support, Dovetail’s four levels of service should offer something for everyone who is moving to London or elsewhere in the UK.


Dovetail’s relocation experience available to all


Dovetail’s partners, Julie Sabin and Fiona Gibbon, have been relocating individuals and families to London, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent since 2006 providing a very personalised hands on service according to their original mission for Dovetail, to take care of the expat spouse, the person who is so often neglected by corporate relocation packages.


However, Julie and Fiona found that while Dovetail’s personalised service was greatly appreciated by those fortunate enough to have generous relocation packages, there were many others who were missing out on their knowledge and expertise.


Online Relocation services to Relocate yourself!


“The most exciting element of the four new service levels is that people can still benefit from our knowledge and expertise but manage as much of their relocation themselves as they want to,” explains Dovetail’s founding partner Julie Sabin.  We will soon offer a complete DIY relocation package called R.E.L.O.C.A.T.E in 8.


Choose the level of relocation support you need


In the meantime, expats on the move to the UK can sign up for a choice of “supported’, “managed” or fully “managed and accompanied” relocation services.   Support is provided in the form of Skype calls and step by step guidance. This guidance includes our personal contacts in estate agents and schools’ Admissions offices and extends to shortlists of suitable properties and top schools in the managed relocation services.


Finding homes and schools in London and the South East of England


Whatever the reason you are relocating to London or the South East, you want to be sure you find a property which you can truly call home. All Dovetail’s home search relocation services provide the local know-how to secure your dream home for your move to the UK.


Equally if you are moving to the UK with school age children, Dovetail’s school search services provide step by step advice on securing places at top London and UK schools including International, British Independent and British state schools. Learn more about the private UK school search service.


Find out more about Dovetail’s revolutionary relocation services!

If you are moving to London, or relocating to anywhere in Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire or Kent, please call us on +44 (0)1243 790044 to hear more about our range of relocation services catering to different budgets or complete the contact form and one of the partners will respond as soon as we can. Alternatively, you can email Don’t waste time worrying about your relocation, contact Dovetail today for friendly advice!

Dovetail Relocation launches new UK relocation services