PRESS RELEASE – Relocating to London? Dovetail puts the Emphasis back on the family

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London, UK – May 1st 2005 – Relocation Experts agree that the majority of expatriate assignment failures are family-related. In response, Dovetail is launching a unique relocation service, which goes beyond the usual home search to provide a tailored settling-in service for expatriate families moving to London and the South East.

“Family adjustment" ranks at the top of the list of concerns among expatriates. In concentrating on the needs of the expatriate spouse and children, Dovetail can help companies stop their international investments walking out of the door as a result of family unhappiness.

Dovetail provides a practical, bespoke service working alongside HR professionals, executives and their families to secure happy, successful relocations. By getting to know each family in advance of the move and identifying their individual needs, Dovetail can prepare the ground for a superior relocation experience, where each family is personally guided through the early weeks of settling in the UK.

Dovetail operates under a different philosophy to most relocation service providers: they personally get to know everyone involved in the relocation and for each individual identifies the key triggers for happy integration. Dovetail prepares a detailed dossier for each family based on researching their needs in the chosen location. Most importantly, a Dovetail member of staff personally guides the family through their critical first few weeks in the UK.

Dovetail’s philosophy can be summarised by the views of Robin Pascoe, expatriate author: “The trailing spouse is the backbone of the international family, the emotional rock. She’s also the last person anyone thinks about until all the clean underwear runs out".

According to the partners, Julie Sabin and Fiona Gibbon, “Early investment in the family’s welfare can turn an overwhelmingly lonely process of adjustment into a positive and fun experience for all concerned." Their research with expatriate families who had relocated to London in the last 3 years concluded that more help was needed in those vital early weeks. Dovetail’s service was defined as a direct result of that research.

Julie Sabin and Fiona Gibbon have backgrounds not only as professionals and executives working in Marketing and Accountancy, but also as wives and mothers who have personally experienced the complex relocation experience. With offices in London and Hampshire, Dovetail goes beyond the usual home search to provide a tailored settling-in service for the expatriate executive, partner and family moving to London and the South East.

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